Why You Need an Experienced Attorney Following Your Louisiana Trucking Accident

Why You Need an Experienced Attorney Following Your Louisiana Trucking Accident
September 12, 2013 Gary

Although there are certain instances following a car accident when you can likely handle the settlement details on your own, most of the time having an experienced accident attorney by your side can make a huge difference in the eventual outcome. In the case of a trucking accident, it is even more crucial that you have an attorney with experience handling trucking accidents working to recover your damages, including pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage.

Your Louisiana Attorney Takes Care of the Legal Details

Perhaps the primary reason you need a Louisiana  attorney experienced in trucking accident claims following your accident is that you and your passengers have likely suffered grave injuries due to the sheer size of the truck in relation to the size of your  passenger car or pickup truck. You may be looking at months, years, or even a lifetime of recovery, including surgical procedures and rehabilitation. You could be unable to work for an extended period of time and may be seeing your medical expenses and regular monthly bills mount alarmingly. An experienced  attorney can ensure that all of your damages are established and that the many details of your settlement are completely taken care of, allowing you time to recuperate and heal from your injuries. Your  attorney should  be fully aware of the applicable laws of the state of Louisiana, especially prescription (commonly referred to as the “statute of limitations”) .

Your Louisiana  Attorney Will Deal With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in the business of paying out the least amount of money possible for claims, particularly when they are dealing with those who don’t know the law. A knowledgeable attorney with trucking accident experience will stop any mistreatment in its tracks, making sure that you receive what you are entitled to under the law. Insurance companies regularly give injured consumers the runaround know better than to try these tactics on experienced attorneys. Thus, having an attorney by your side gives you the  level playing field that you deserve.

There are Likely to be Multiple Defendants in Your Case

Trucking accidents are much different from auto accidents in that there may be more than one defendant or liable party. If a lawsuit needs to be filed, multiple defendants may be included. Perhaps the driver was negligent, inattentive, exhausted from driving too many hours or was improperly trained. The trucking company may have knowingly put an inexperienced driver on the road, failed to conduct a thorough background check, or sent the trucker out in a damaged or defective truck. If the truck or a truck part was defective and caused the accident then the manufacturer of the truck or the part will be named in the suit as well. Even the company who loaded the truck or the maintenance crew may be named as defendants in your lawsuit, if they caused or contributed to the accident.

Evidence Must Be Gathered Immediately Following the Accident

Most all large trucking companies have a team of attorneys ready to spring into action once an accident has occurred. They will immediately go to the site of the crash and photograph every single detail   and take the event data recorder or “EDR” (the so-called “black box”) of the truck into their possession. The attorneys for the trucking company and the insurance company will likely attempt to reach a quick settlement with the victims of the crash to avoid paying long-term medical expenses and lost wages. Attorneys with experience handling trucking accident claims are aware of the need to obtain court orders preserving evidence or to subpoena  the evidence before it gets “lost” or damaged. This preservation of the evidence enables your attorney  to develop the strongest case possible on your behalf.

Gary P. Koederitz of Koederitz Law Firm has dealt with trucking accidents for three decades. At Koederitz Law Firm, we understand the necessity of obtaining all evidence quickly, and we have experience dealing with trucking company lawyers and insurance company lawyers. We understand that your life has been dealt a serious blow and we will attempt to minimize the damage while helping to make your future look a little brighter. Call us today at (225) 295-9494 for an evaluation of your trucking accident claim.