Where Louisiana Car Collisions Happen Most

Where Louisiana Car Collisions Happen Most
August 19, 2013 Gary

Most of us have heard that the majority of car accidents happen close to home and this is actually true. A study done by Progressive Insurance revealed that 52% of all accidents occur within five miles of our home. Whether this relates to the fact that the majority of our driving occurs close to home or that we are more relaxed and less alert when driving in familiar surroundings is unknown. Most of us have arrived home from our daily commute only to realize our brain was on auto-pilot during the drive since we have little memory of actually making the trip. This means we were likely much less vigilant during the drive than we perhaps should have been. Avoiding those comfort-zone driving behaviors when within five miles of your home may be the easiest thing you can do to also avoid a potentially serious auto accident.

When and Where Most Auto Accidents Occur

When more cars are on the road, the likelihood of an accident goes up as well. This means the heavy commuter times in the morning and afternoon require extra vigilance. Over 16% of all auto accidents occur between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.—when commuters are leaving work and heading home and school buses are taking children home for the day. Although it would seem heavy city traffic would be the most dangerous, residential neighborhoods actually have more auto accidents. This is likely due to drivers being unaware—or ignoring—reduced speed limits and children playing in the streets. Parked cars can be a hazard as well as pedestrians who step out from behind those parked cars into oncoming traffic.

The Most Dangerous Cities and States for Auto Accidents

As a Louisiana resident, you can breathe a sigh of relief that no LA city made the list for most dangerous as far as the number of automobile accidents. San Bernardino, CA topped the list as the most unsafe city based on deaths resulting from auto collisions, according to a CNN report. Washington D.C. followed, as well as Little Rock, Salt Lake City, Jacksonville and Oklahoma City. As you can see, these cities are hardly among the most populated. While you might expect that Los Angeles would top the list, it was not even among the top twenty. States with the most wide-open spaces topped the list for highest number of fatal car accidents per capita: Wyoming, Mississippi, Montana and North Dakota. In overall numbers Texas tops the list of most fatal car accidents, with California and Florida following close behind.

Time of Year and Day of the Week Most Auto Accidents Occur

As far as time of the year, August wins hands down for the month with the most automobile accidents. Experts are  not sure why more auto accidents occur in August;  however it could be attributed to families making a “last hurrah of the summer” trip before school begins. January is the month when the lowest number of auto accidents occur (nearly 50% fewer than in August), which is surprising considering the weather is likely to be much worse in January than in August. Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive, even more so than during the heavy commuter hours of the weekdays.

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