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Koederitz Law Firm, LLC

Practice Experience
Baton Rouge Louisiana Trial Attorneys

Louisiana Auto Accident Cases - Automobile accidents can be a life-changing event. Choosing the right lawyer may be the most important decision you make. Koederitz Law Firm, LLC will work to get your car repaired, to get you proper medical attention, and to recover the compensation to which you are entitled.

Our goal is for you to be made whole.

Maritime Injury Cases - Maritime law applies to many workers in the Gulf of Mexico, on rivers, and in other bodies of water. These workers include persons working on jack up, submersible, and simi-submersible drilling rigs, various types of ships, barges, crew boats, tow boats, and other vessels. The maritime laws may also cover injured individuals that are not working, such as a person injured in a pleasure boat collision or a passenger on a cruise ship..

Products Liability Cases - Dangerous drugs, toxic household products, lead poisoning of children, toxic chemicals and cosmetics, benzene exposure, hazardous waste, medical products and devices, and pesticides are only some of the ways that Louisiana residents may fall victim to defective products. Click here to learn how Koederitz Law Firm, LLC can help you recover compensation for injuries and losses caused by defective products.